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Our vets  have special interests in different fields. we are able to provide services for cattle, sheep, pigs, alpacas and goats.




 Accreditation Program for Australian Veterinarians (APAV)

What is APAV?

APAV is the national program designed to integrate private veterinary practitioners into the national animal health system to support the international standing of Australia's animal health service capability.

The program aims to have an internationally recognised process for accrediting non government veterinarians for involvement in government and industry animal disease programs.

Animal Health Australia maintains a database of APAV accredited veterinarians' details to facilitate engagement of accredited veterinarians by governments or industries with responsibility for APAV operational programs and Passionate Vetcare is one of those clinics. If you need anymore information please phone the clinic and make a time to see one of our accredited vets.


MAPs Accredited - Johnes MAP program Auditors

What are Market Assurance Programs?  sheep

The Australian Johne's Disease Market Assurance Programs (MAPs) are a key strategy in the control of Johne's disease in Australia. MAPs are voluntary programs for producers which enable them to identify and promote their negative Johne's disease status to their clients. Herds and flocks in the MAP are not accredited as free of Johne's disease, but they have a low risk of being infected compared to Non-Assessed herds and flocks. Producers can minimise the spread of Johne's disease by sourcing replacement animals from MAP assessed herds or flocks. Please ring the clinic to make an appointment with one of our Accredited Vets if you are interested in learning more about this program or disease.


Our portable X-ray machine allows us to take X-rays of large animals at the clinic or on your farm. We have a X-ray processor to reduce the time taken for X-rays to be developed.



Our ultrasound machine is mainly used for reproductive work in large animals, however we can look at other internal structures, but not in fine detail.


Obstetrics   farrowing sow

Unfortuanely not all births in large animals follow a natural course. However we are able to help these patients by managing them either medically or surgically by means of a caesarean if required.



There are a number of different test we can do to help with your livestock Care please call the Clinic for any information about this service.




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