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Pet Services

Routine care & surgery

We provide consultations by appointment for vaccinations, microchipping and health checks.  Emergencies will be seen at any time so we appreciate your understanding if an emergency delays consultations. Our routine surgeries (castrations, speys, etc) are done on week days.


24 Hour Emergency Service

Although the clinic shuts at 7pm and reopens at 9am, a vet is always just a phone call away for emergency cases any time of day or night. Phone the clinic on (03) 5443 9385 and you will be given the mobile number of the Vet on call.


AQIS Accredited Veterinarian (Companion Animals)

We have AQIS accredited Veterinarians at our clinic which will help you if you are heading overseas with your pets.

As Accredited AQIS Veterinarians we can provide you with the services that you will need for the preparation of your companion animals or other non-livestock species for export. Dr Kellie Anset will help you with all the thing you need to know to make sure that your companion gets to where they need to go. Please give the Clinic a call to make a appointment with one of our Vets.


Kinder  Paws

Kinder Paws is a 4 week puppy course,

TIME: 7pm, every Tuesday.

LOCATION: Passionate Vetcare, 167 Eaglehawk Road, Bendigo.

Compromises of x 3, 1 hour classes and x 1 1.5hr class, which also includes a Vet talk.

Run by the fantastic team at Righteous Pups!

Please call the clinic for next class dates, to express your interest and to secure your spot! PH: 5443 9385



Dental hygiene is an important part of owning a pet and without the appropriate care, dental disease can lead to animals in pain & becoming ill. We provide many products to prevent dental disease & offer teeth scales, polishing & extractions under anaesthetic.


Radiology  dscf5520

The clinic now has a Digital X-ray and a Digital Dental X-ray  with these two machines we can get amazing images and with in seconds have these images on a screen ready to be looked at by our vets. To ensure hereditary disease is phased out, we can take X-rays of hips and elbows to be sent for hip and elbow displasia screening in dogs > 6 months that are intended to be bred with.


Ultrasonography  dsc 0877

Our ultrasound machine enables us to diagnose pregnancy in all species of animals. It also enables us to look at other internal structures such as the bladder, heart and tendons in small and large animals to obtain more diagnostic informaton for our clients.



Our ECG machine enables us to view and print the heart beats in small animals to assess heart arrhythmias and assess cardiac function.



Unfortuanely not all births follow a natural course. However we are able to help these patients by managing them either medically or surgically by means of a caesarean if required. It takes a lot of hands on deck to help revive the pups/kittens during a caesarean and is well worth it when the mum and babies survive.


Orthopaedics & Soft Tissue

We offer surgery ranging from a simple laceration to stitch up to a complex fracture repair incorporating pins, plates, screws and wires. However there are specialist that we can refer to for those that would prefer a specialist. We know our limitations and let clients know when specialist surgeons are required.


Laboratory   dsc 0388

There are great local laboratories that we use to get our blood tests, urinalysis and histological samples tested at. For routine blood and urine tests we get results within the same day, but some other tests may take a few days to a week to recieve results.

We have a small in house lab that enables us to assess the PCV (red cell level), plasma protein levels, urine specific gravity (concentration), urine dipstick (blood, protein, ketons, glucose etc), blood glucose levels as well as examining slides under microscope for mites, yeast and bacteria and also looking at cells from lumps.


Exotic pets

We have knowledge of the less common pets such as birds, rabbits,guinea pigs, rats, mice, snakes & lizards. We are by no means specialists in these areas but have significant knowledge of common problems.


Wildlife  sugar glider 4

We work alongside WRES & WRIN who are wildlife rescue operators in our area. We are always happy to see injured wildlife.



To be sure you don't miss your pet's annual check-up, vaccinations, dental etc. We routinely send out reminders letters. Please let us Know if you do not wish to recive a reminder letter.


 Referral to Specialists

Fortunately in the Veterinary industry we have some great specialists in so many different fields - Dermatology, Oncology, Cardiology, Reproduction, Surgery, Medicine, Species specific (equine, bovine, feline, rabbits, pigs) to name a few. So if we feel that your pet can benefit from any of these then we will encourage you to have a consultation with them.


Intensive Care Facilities  hum crib 2

Our intensive care facilities covers working hours. We have quality equipment for emergency cases. For critical patients we can refer to Melbourne for 24 hour care or alternatively our Vet on call will check the patient during the night.


Anaesthetic monitoring unit

We have a fantastic unit that we attach all our surgery patients to whilst they are under anaesthetic. This monitors their heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and oxygen levels during surgery. It enables us to monitor the patient very closely and alerts us to any concerns so we can act promptly if required.


Carry Cage Hire  dscf5725

We have a policy that requires all cats to be in cages and dogs to be on leads when they are brought into the clinic. If you do not have a cat cage we have cages that you can borrow by leaving a small deposit. This ensures the safety of all our patients. Cages can be hired for long periods if the pet is advised to be confined.


Lost and Found Register

We understand the stress of not being able to find your pet when it goes missing so we do encourage you to ring and leave your details in our register. It is compulsory to have your pet
microchipped. By having your pet microchipped allows us to contact you immediately if your pet arrives at our clinic and requires medical treatment.


Pet Cremation 

At our clinic we can offer our clients the option of pet cremation. Through our friends at Central Victorian Pet Cremation Service. We can offer an alternative way to remember your beloved pet. Please give the clinic a call for more details, Below is a link to Central Victorian Pet Service web site.







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