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The work of WRES is oustanding but can only operate with the assistance of public donations. 

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Righteous Pups Australia (RPA), formerly known as Righteous Pups Bendigo, is a not for profit organisation. RPA was established in 2003 with its mission to raise and train assistance dogs to do a variety of practical tasks for children and adults with mobility issues, and to act as companion dogs for the elderly and socially isolated. We here at Passionate Vetcare are proud to support this wonderful association. Find out more about Righteous pups on thier website





There are many pets that are in need of a loving home at the RSPCA.  Enrich your life by sharing it with a loyal and loving friend.  You can have a look at what is available by visiting the shelter at 20 Pipers Lane, Bendigo.

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Miniature pigs for sale VictoriaMurphy's Creek Miniature Pig Breeders                                                 

Murphy's Creek Miniature pigs, Victoria, Australia! Small in size - huge in heart

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Find out more about this wonderful program on their web site



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